Xbox Live Experiencing Issues for Xbox One Owners [UPDATED]

By | 1 year ago 

[Update: Everything appears to be back to normal. Enjoy your Xbox gaming!]

Xbox One gamers currently attempting to log online and play with some friends will be in for a disappointment, as the Xbox Live service is currently experiencing a massive outage with some of its core functions. Gamers around the globe are currently having issues logging into their accounts, a step that is required for playing online, making purchases, and checking messages. The issue has been acknowledged by Xbox Support, who issued a service alert shortly after confirming it was a widespread problem.

Though Microsoft hasn’t given an estimated time for when services will return, it’s likely this is a relatively minor outage, and will hopefully be limited to just a few hours of downtime. If any other developments occur in regards the Xbox Live services, we’ll update this post to reflect them.

Based on when users started reporting the issue, it looks like the sign-in service went down at about 4:00PM EST. Microsoft’s Xbox Live Service Page is currently displaying an Xbox Live outage alert for the those using the service from the Xbox One system, Xbox on Windows 10, and Xbox on Other Devices. With such a large service outage, there’s no doubt that their engineers are hard at work to stop the downtime and get everything back on track. It appears everything is still fully functional for those logging in from last generation Microsoft consoles.

The last major outage occurred when both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network experienced downtime after a massive DDOS attack during Christmas. This prompted Xbox head Phil Spencer to reveal that, despite being rivals, both Sony and Microsoft have shared talks on how to improve network security for their respective consoles. It’s clear that ‘nobody wins’ when a large portion of gamers are blocked from playing, so it’s good to know that even two billion dollar competitors can work together to try and maximize playing time for the masses. Thankfully, the current outage looks to be the result of technical problems, rather than any means of sabotage.

Gamers who were already logged in prior to the service outage should be happy to know that all other services involved with Xbox Live are still functional, such as making purchases, playing online, and utilizing the console’s social network. For everyone else, however, the log in service is a huge bottleneck and will thereby prevent any of the other services from being used for the time being.

Gamers waiting for services resume can actually sign up on the support page to get an email notification when services return to normal. Thankfully, users can still access applications like Netflix without Xbox Live being active, so there’s plenty of ways to kill time. We’ll keep you posted when the service returns to normal.

Source: Xbox Live