[UPDATE: Per the Xbox Live status page, Microsoft has brought Xbox Live Core Services back online, while some issues with Live TV, Groove, and the Movies & TV video store persist. The original story continues below.]

For anyone currently experiencing issues on the online gaming service and digital media marketplace known as Xbox Live, Microsoft wants those fans to know that they are not alone, as it is aware of the situation and working toward resolving any problems it comes across. To be more specific, the service looks to be partially down at the moment, with the network only offering limited access to certain features.

According to the Xbox Live status page, certain areas are listed as “limited,” such as Xbox Live Core Services, Purchase and Content Usage, as well as some devices’ TV, Music, and Video areas. With this being the case, any subscriber to Xbox Live may have a difficult go of it when they attempt to access some of the service’s content at the moment, including creating an account.

As of writing, Microsoft has yet to resolve any issues relating to these technical errors on Xbox Live, but the company seems determined to fix the problem and restore the currently inaccessible services on the network. While there’s no definitive time frame just yet as to when Xbox Live will be fully repaired, the company has put forth a statement, reading, “We believe we have identified the issue causing some members to have problems finding previously-purchased content or purchasing new content. Thanks for your patience as the team works to resolve the issue.” However, it’s not clear if this particular problem is actually related to any of the other aforementioned issues that some Live users are experiencing.

All things considered, Microsoft will hopefully have Xbox Live up and running sooner rather than later, especially since the workday has ended or is close to completion for many subscribers in the US looking forward to some R&R time with the service this evening. Of course, those lucky enough to own both an Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 can always turn to the latter platform to access PlayStation Network should problems persist with Xbox Live.

Source: Xbox – Support