Xbox Live Dashboard Recieves New Color Update

xbox Live dashboard color update

The Xbox Live Dashboard is getting another update, but not a massive autumn-like overhaul - rather a patch to one. The December 2011 "Metro" update - containing a newly designed interface and a myriad of new apps like HBO GO, YouTube, and everyone's favorite, TMZ - was considered to be an overall success in the bug/glitch department (albeit, there was a minor delay in going global with the proceedings). As time went on though, a few gamers noticed something fishy about the dashboard video player.

What these astute users discovered was the fact that dashboard videos were being forced to run on low RGB levels. RGB light (or "red, green, blue") is the light mixed together inside a monitor to create the entire spectrum of colors visible to the human eye. Without the physics lesson, low RGB levels would cause certain colors to be washed out, and - in the case of the Xbox Live video player - ever important blacks might appear as grey.

Things appear to finally be resolved though, As Xbox Live's Major Nelson announced on his blog that a fix is now available for a truer viewing experience:

"Starting today when you sign in to Xbox LIVE you’ll receive a prompt to accept this mandatory update...

"This update will increase performance and is part of our continued effort to provide the best possible Xbox LIVE experience. In this update, we are providing a fix to a color issue that some were experiencing, and it will be immediately notable in the dashboard. The fix is also being applied by partners to their apps on Xbox LIVE, which we expect to roll out over the coming months."

By "increasing performance," Major Nelson means returning it to New Xbox Experience standards. And while the fix is appreciated by gamers who enjoy YouTube or Netflix (or Major's Minute!), it does come over two months after the original dashboard update. The color issue was even hinted at during the dashboard's preview event, but Microsoft has made no further mention of it until now.

With Xbox Live TV's future still hanging in the balance, expect many partner apps to soon follow Live's lead and hopefully make this story fade to black.

Ranters, have you noticed any issues regarding Xbox Live's color conundrum? Has downloading the patch improved the matter?


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Source: Major Nelson



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