Xbox Live Counts Down to 'Halo: Reach' Release with Daily Goodies

Halo Reach

As if you aren’t hyped enough as it is already, Microsoft is doing everything it can to provide you with a variety of Halo goodies in preparation for the release of the highly anticipated Halo: Reach. Started on September 7th, Xbox Live will have a new daily treat when you boot up. It’s Microsoft’s little way of both reminding you that Reach is going to be awesome and also giving you some discounted avatar items and themes.

  • September 7th saw the release of a Halo: Reach Premium Theme to remind you no matter which blade you go to that Reach is just around the corner.
  • September 8th brings the release of a preview of the sure to be amazing campaign of Reach.
  • September 9th knocks down the Warthog Avatar prop price by 50%.
  • September 10th sees another preview, this time of the games new Firefight 2.0 mode.
  • September 11th is when the announced director’s cut of the “Deliver Hope” live action trailer will be released.
  • September 12th brings the preview most gamers will be anticipating — a preview of the multiplayer.
  • September 13th, the final day of Reach goodies blitz, brings gamers a new collection of Halo: Reach avatar items.

Don’t think that Bungie and Microsoft only want to get you hyped enough to purchase the game and then plan to leave you out in the cold. After the game’s release, from September 14th to the 19th gamers will have access to a free Halo: Reach Invasion Theme as well as potentially encountering members of Team Bungie in online multiplayer. That weekend after release, from the 17th to the 20th, is also a free Xbox Live Gold weekend leaving no gamer an excuse for not checking out all that is available with your copy of the game.

This is definitely a strong showing from Microsoft and proof that a lot might be riding on the last Halo game from Bungie. While many other triple A titles will release before the end of the year, Halo: Reach is the one Microsoft is counting on to set the tone for any game on any console. It definitely looks great and many of these goodies sound very appealing, I just might be logging on to Xbox Live on a daily basis.

What do you think of all that is being offered in preparation for Halo: Reach’s release? Which item are you most anticipating? Let us know in the comments below.

Halo: Reach makes Xbox Live work over time on September 14th for the Xbox 360.

Source: Xbox News

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