Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade December Bonus Deal


Just in time for the announcement of the new Xbox Rewards program, Microsoft has cooked up another deal to get all the Xbox 360 owners hot and spend-y. It’s the usual song and dance that gamers have grown accustomed to with these types of promotions. Buy a couple of games, score some free points. Buy more games with said points, and the circle of love keeps on going. But hey, who doesn’t love free points?

This time around the offer lasts from December 1, which is today, until December 20, 2010. Within that time, just jump on Xbox Live and download the “Arcade Offer Gamer Picture” to get registered, then buy two of the Xbox Live Arcade games from the selected list, and Microsoft will refund 400 MS Points. Points will either be deposited directly into the purchaser's account or sent via email, though either way they may take up to four weeks to arrive.

Despite there being some solid oldies up for grabs during the last XBLA deal, response from the readers was less than positive. For this deal, Microsoft has chosen to include some of the more recent hits to land on XBLA. Perhaps they will prove to be more popular. Take a look at the list of eligible games:

Eligible Arcade Games

That list represents a pretty solid sampling of both the biggest critical successes and fan favorites that the Xbox Live Arcade has to offer, including many of the games from the Summer of Arcade and The Game Feast. Really, any season is a good time to play Limbo, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, or Costume Quest.

Will you be spending your Microsoft space dollars this time around? Do you already own most of the games? Would you rather that these titles just went on sale, or do you like rebate promotions?

Source: Microsoft

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