Nintendo has caught the world’s attention with the release of its latest console/handheld hybrid, the Switch, and it looks like the Big N will have that corner of the market all to itself for a while yet. When asked why there hasn’t been a portable Xbox console, head of Xbox Phil Spencer revealed he is “watching to see what happens” first and that Microsoft currently have no plans for a handheld Xbox device.

Spencer did state that Microsoft are looking into that area of the market, noting that phones are currently dominating and that a lot of people are currently logging into Xbox Live with their iOS and Android devices. There still remains a possibility of a portable Xbox console in the future as while Spencer says that it isn’t on the cards for Microsoft yet, he is going to be watching the Switch very closely because there’s a lot to learn from the Big N and that “anytime Nintendo brings a new product to the gaming market it’s good for all of us“.

When asked what he thinks of the Big N’s latest console, Spencer has nothing but praise for the Switch, saying that he had the opportunity to play it early and that he thinks Nintendo has “done some really innovative work“.


It’s not the first time that the Xbox boss has praised Nintendo, having heaped complimentary words onto Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild recently. Given his positive attitude towards all competitors and his disdain for the so-called “console wars“, there’s no doubt that Spencer will definitely be keeping an eye on Nintendo and the Switch, whether it’s for his own enjoyment of the console or whether it’s to learn anything that could be implemented into future Xbox products.

While Microsoft isn’t working on a portable Xbox at the moment, there are other projects in the pipeline that are undoubtedly keeping everyone busy. The company announced a brand new Xbox Game Pass subscription service just a few days ago, which is scheduled for launch later this Spring and should coincide with the release of Microsoft’s new high-powered Xbox console, Project Scorpio.

Microsoft may not be looking to enter the console/handheld hybrid market just yet, but there is more than enough Xbox-related projects and releases this year to make up for it.