Microsoft has revealed October’s line-up of Games with Gold titles for Xbox Live subscribers. Two fresh Xbox One titles and two fresh Xbox 360 titles, the latter of which are backwards compatible, will go live either on October 1 or October 16 as part of the platform’s rotating schedule. As always, the downloads will be free to pick up for Xbox Live subscribers, and will persist in the account owner’s library so long as they have an active subscription.

Xbox One

  • Gone Home: Console Edition – Oct. 1 through Oct. 31
  • The Turing Test – Oct. 16 through Nov. 15

Xbox 360

  • Rayman 3 HD – Oct. 1 through Oct. 31
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne – Oct. 16 through Nov. 15

As mentioned prior, both Xbox 360 games in the Games with Gold line-up for October will work on Xbox One through backwards compatibility. So while the Xbox One games may be of the indie variety, both Xbox 360 games should hopefully fulfill that need for bigger, more exciting games.

Gone Home should need no introduction, as it’s easily one of the top 10 best games from 2013. The “walking simulator” that defined the genre is often considered one of the most important games of recent memory, though it’s certainly not without controversy. A young woman returns to family, but finds it’s foreign and strange. The mysteries she discovers within will profoundly change her and how she views her family. Gone Home, from The Fullbright Company, expertly toys with player expectations and is a game everyone should play at least once. Filling out the line-up in October is first-person sci-fi puzzler The Turing Test for Xbox One, following protagonist Ava Turing as she solves what’s gone wrong on a mission to study Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Xbox 360 features two notable classics, pairing well with the Xbox One’s indie games. Rayman 3 HD features more of the crisp, 3D platforming that the goofy franchise is known for, and Medal of Honor: Airborne returns players to when World War II shooters dominated the FPS market.

Before October arrives, make sure to download the Games with Gold for September before they expire. Forza Motorsport 5 and Hydro Thunder Hurricane disappear after September 30, while Oxenfree and Battlefield 3 disappear after October 15.

Next month’s free Xbox Games with Gold begin to arrive on Sunday, October 1.