Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Discounted to $1; Combines Current Subscriptions

Today, Xbox Game Pass for PC launched cheap, and it seems the recently revealed Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines the Xbox and PC for fans of both. However, that's not the only big news concerning Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to be revealed, as there is currently an offer to pick up the subscription service for $1. It may not seem like a big deal at first glance, given that it reads $1 for 1 month, but the fine print highlights that picking this up will combine remaining Gold and Game Pass Subscriptions.

There is a limit on how much can be combined, of course, but it's a respectable 36 months. By paying $1 to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, players are essentially combining the remaining length of their separate Gold and Game Pass subscriptions. For example, if someone had 3 months remaining on their Gold subscription and 6 months remaining on their Game Pass subscription, purchasing this 1-month Ultimate subscription will combine the months all for $1. In the example provided, this would mean Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 10 months.

This prevents someone from having to buy it full price or renew at the standard price at a later date. Some are also reportedly buying bulk Xbox Gold (2 years or so) before buying this subscription upgrade to effectively get Game Pass Ultimate for an extended period of time cheaper than they would with a standard subscription.

Xbox fans will want to act quickly to lock in their subscriptions, however. Because of the message given when purchasing the Xbox Game Pass Subscription at this price, this does not seem to be a mistake on Microsoft's part, but it is an extremely good deal and will only last a limited time. Combine this offer with the myriad of games and hardware offers available as part of the Xbox E3 sale, and it's a good time to be an Xbox player. Purchase Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for $1 here.

xbox game pass 1 dollar

Xbox may also prove to be the gift that keeps on giving this week, as it appears that Microsoft is teasing a next-gen Xbox reveal at its E3 press conference. We'll know for sure in a few hours, but be sure to lock in those subscriptions as soon as possible.

Source: Reddit

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