Xbox Game Pass in May to Add Dead by Daylight, Metal Gear Survive, and More

xbox game pass in may to add dead by daylight, metal gear survive, and more

In what's now become a bimonthly event, Microsoft is revealing the next wave of free games to be available as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Filling out the final days of May and the first week of June will be eight new game additions to Game Pass, including two brand new launch titles. Headlining the upcoming Game Pass additions is Metal Gear Survive, Konami's odd standalone survival game spin-off. There's plenty more beyond that, though.

After Metal Gear Survive, the most exciting new Game Pass titles are likely Dead by Daylight, The Banner Saga and its sequel, and Superhot. Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where players either take on the role of survivors or a killer, featuring horror movie icons like Freddy, Michael Myers, and soon Scream's Ghostface. The Banner Saga is an epic fantasy series of brutal strategy games, a perfect series to jump into with Game of Thrones ending. And Superhot should need no introduction, an FPS with time-bending mechanics and fast-paced action that would make John Wick blush.

Filling out the line-up are three exciting indie games, two of which will be launching as part of Game Pass. Void Bastards is made by Blue Manchu Games, from one of the co-founders of BioShock developer Irrational. It's dubbed a "strategy shooter," mixing gunplay with careful planning and progression. The other new game, Outer Wilds (not to be confused with Obsidian's Outer Worlds) lets players explore a puzzle box of a solar system. Finally, there's Full Metal Furies from the developers of Rogue Legacy. This co-op action-RPG should round out the already diverse line-up of Game Pass additions perfectly.

Here's the latest Game Pass line-up update in full, with each game's release date on the service noted:

  • Metal Gear Survive (May 23)
  • The Banner Saga (May 23)
  • Void Bastards (May 29)
  • Dead by Daylight (May 30)
  • Outer Wilds (May 30)
  • Full Metal Furies (June 6)
  • The Banner Saga 2 (June 6)
  • Superhot (June 6)

Game Pass in May 2019 already received over eight new games, but Microsoft's expansion of the subscription service is ever-growing. Now-available games include Wolfenstein 2, Surviving Mars, Wargroove, Lords of the Fallen and more.

These eight new Game Pass titles will lead all the way up to E3 2019, with Microsoft holding its Xbox E3 2019 press briefing on June 9. At the event, Microsoft is bound to have announcements tied to Game Pass in store. Perhaps there will even be news about that rumored PC version of Game Pass. At the very least, there will be plenty of new game confirmations for Game Pass subscribers to look forward to, if their backlogs weren't already filled to the brim.

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