Xbox Game Pass is Leaving Alpha Soon

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass service will be leaving Alpha on April 28. The date was revealed through a message in the Xbox Insider app, along with some additional words for current participants.

"Thank you for participating in the Xbox Game Pass Alpha Preview," it reads. "You feedback has been invaluable and will make the service better for all gamers.... We're getting close to launch and Xbox Game Pass will be available for all gamers later this Spring."

The Xbox Game Pass is a gaming subscription service for Xbox One players that will allow for unlimited access to over 100 games. The catalog of games includes both Xbox One titles and backward compatible Xbox 360 titles. It was announced back in February and has since been in Alpha, where testers have had access to around 20 of the games available.

Xbox Game Pass

The $9.99 a month Xbox Game Pass won't be a cloud-based streaming service. Instead, it will work rather like the EA Access subscription service already available to Xbox One players, allowing them to download the full games to their consoles as they would any other title.

Additionally, Microsoft was quick to note that Games with Gold won't be affected by Xbox Game Pass, as the two services are treated as separate entities with their own unique benefits.

While the official launch date hasn't been announced, it is expected to be available for everyone later this Spring. This gives Microsoft a good two months to meet that deadline. But given that the Alpha is wrapping up in a week, the launch of the service could be quite soon.

Source: Gamespot

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