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xbox game pass best buy sale half off

Since its initial release, Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass has allowed players to easily access over a hundred games at a time for a fairly low fee of $10 a month. Courtesy of a deal at Best Buy, players can now slash that price in half by purchasing 6 months of service in advance.

Best Buy is currently offering a digital code that can be redeemed for six months worth of the Xbox Game Pass program for just $29.99, down from the usual $59.99. That breaks down to five dollars a month, which makes the affordable service even cheaper for gamers on a budget. While most gamers are likely focusing on the fresh game announcements coming out of E3 2018, this offer means it's a good time to catch up on some titles players have missed.

Like most game subscription services, the games offered vary from month to month. Although quite a few titles were pulled from Xbox Game Pass at the end of May, June brought fresh games to the subscription service, including Mega Man Legacy Collection 2.

The Xbox Game Pass was initially received well by gamers, but the deal was sweetened further by giving subscribers access to brand new, first-party Xbox One titles at release. Considering the average cost of a single new game, the Xbox Game Pass is a good deal for most players, even without the current discount. The service also allows players to download games to their consoles, which bypasses some of the difficulties streaming games present for players with a spotty internet connection.

It's not entirely clear how long the deal will last at Best Buy, nor if they've placed a limit on how many sales they'll allow before ending the deal. It's likely that this sale is being offered now to coincide with many other E3 sales, including the current discount on the Xbox One X. In any case, gamers shouldn't put off picking up a subscription for too long if they're interested in grabbing this deal.

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