Free Xbox Game Pass Given Out With Rice Krispies Treats

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Xbox is well known for its inspired marketing partnerships, and its latest choice continues that trend, offering a great deal to Xbox fans that are also interested in some tasty treats. The latest marketing deal pairs Xbox Game Pass with Kellogg's brand Rice Krispies Treats marshmallow square poppers. According to the advertisement shown on the packaging, one week of free Xbox Game Pass is being offered on marked packages of Rice Krispies Treats and other Kellogg's products.

The advertisement was first posted on ResetEra, where a user said they found the Rice Krispies Treats poppers on the shelf at a Publix supermarket. After the initial post, several other users posted various Xbox-related advertisements, confirming the partnership. In addition to the Rice Krispies Treats poppers, free weeks of Xbox Game Pass can also be acquired with purchases of branded boxes of Pop-Tarts. Even better, a free month of Xbox Game Pass comes with a Player's Pack box of Cheez-It snack bags.

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The "Power Your Play" marketing campaign that paris Xbox Game Pass with Kellogg's products can be found at most retailers. Buyers can earn up to a total of eight consecutive weeks of Xbox Game Pass using the codes included with each product. After a week or more lapses, more codes can then be used. Using the codes doesn't require the user to input a payment option, so anyone can use the codes with relative ease.

After the Kellogg's marketing partnership was shown, another user pointed out a second marketing deal that Xbox has just revealed: Gears 5 is partnering with Rockstar energy drinks. These branded "Collector's Series" Gears 5 cans were actually announced back in July, so they're nothing particularly new. Nevertheless, it just goes to show that Xbox is still the marketing champion when it comes to junk food.

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Rice Krispies Treats, Pop-Tarts, Cheez-Its, and Rockstar energy drinks may not hold a candle to the classic Xbox partnership with Mountain Dew and Doritos, but these are still a fun promotions. It is also possible that Kellogg's could become a fan favorite if it develops a racing game like Doritos Crash Course. "Gamers" eating unhealthy snacks while playing video games may be a negative stereotype, but why let a stereotype stop you from enjoying your hobby the way you choose?

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Source: ResetEra

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