E3 2011 is so close that gamers everywhere can almost taste it. There have already been some pretty amazing pre-E3 leaks and announcements, and Microsoft is looking to add to the pre-show buzz by launching their Xbox @ E3 website. The site, which is already live, currently allows visitors to plan their E3 with events and presentations Microsoft thinks attendees should not miss.

The site also reminds visitors that they will be able to watch Microsoft’s keynote live come June 6, and provides links to the Xbox community Facebook and Twitter pages. While a dedicated E3 site or portal is certainly nothing new, it is nice to see Microsoft getting this rolling. Hopefully, launching the site now will allow them to have everything up, running, and streamlined come their big press conference on the 6th. There is little more frustrating than trying to watch something online only to have servers crash because the site cannot handle the traffic.

Microsoft has been good at getting those that can not attend E3 involved with the spectacle of the event using demos and videos delivered over Xbox Live. This year will likely be no exception. Despite a few changes in format in years past, E3 remains big business for the industry and fans alike.

Of course, Game Rant will be live in Los Angeles meeting with all the hottest companies, developers, and designers, giving our readers all the latest and greatest news breaking from this year’s E3. Plan accordingly, call in sick from work if you have to, E3 is coming and it looks like it will be big.

What potential news or reveals do you think is the most exciting that could come out of this year’s E3? What game, system, or developer would like to hear more about this year? Do you think there will be any big secrets revealed at this year’s E3? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Source: Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2011 Site