Xbox E3 Teasers Could Reveal Scorpio Name, Price, and Release Date

Microsoft may have sneakily revealed the Xbox Scorpio's official name, price, and release date prior to its E3 2017 keynote. Official details regarding Microsoft's upcoming console, planned for release this fall, have long been planned to debut during E3. But watchful fans may have discovered the information early, hidden in a teaser trailer Microsoft released yesterday to hype up the event. Cutting to the chase, the hints point to a $399 price, an October 13 launch, and an official name of the Xbox 10 S. All details should be treated as rumor without official confirmation.

The name and launch date should be simple to explain. In one of the two teasers released yesterday, those who pause the video during a shot of a crowd can easily see the following text on the side of the stage: X10S101-317. The text stands out, clearly added into the video through editing, so it's clear Microsoft intended the text to be seen. This can be doubly confirmed, as Microsoft's first teaser also featured similar text in a shot of a Ferris wheel that read 6>4. That's a clear dig at the Xbox Scorpio featuring a 6 teraflop GPU to the PlayStation 4 Pro's 4.12.

The first clue to be drawn out of the X10S101-317 text is a date, as the 17 at the end can clearly by tied to the current year. The last 6 digits of the text, ignoring the dash, reads "101317" or October 13, 2017. The remaining text reads as "X10S." One's first assumption might be to think that reads as Xbox One 0S, but there's another important detail to consider. Microsoft recently trademarked the letter "S" written in the font used for previous marketing for Scorpio. Thus, if you separate the X for Xbox and the S for itself, one is left with the Xbox 10 S. The implication being that Microsoft will be focusing further on the parallels between the new console and its PC operating system, Windows 10.

Xbox Scorpio Price, Release Date Teased - Robot

With both the release date and name out of the way, what's left is the system's price. This part of the mystery is a bit more challenging to explain, because the evidence has been erased in the tidal wave of media coverage since the news broke. First, consider that initial text again, X10S101-317. Specifically, consider why its written in that order, including a dash in what should be the middle of the date. The answer is, of course, that the text as a whole can be used in a different way. It's a search term.

Initial Google searches using the text were met with something curious. The top image result was for a magazine titled Radio Electronics from August 1980. The cover had a picture of a small robot, or at least a turntable designed to look like Star Wars' R2-D2. However, also on the cover was the subheading, "Build This Robot for Under $400." Now, searching for the term right now will lead to vastly different results. What's important to note, though, is that Microsoft arranged those letters and number in a specific way. The odds of it leading to the text "Under $400" unintentionally have to be extraordinarily rare.

As with any unofficial speculation, these revelations should be treated as rumor until officially announced. Nevertheless, the conclusions that have been drawn from the hidden messages in Microsoft's teasers aren't exactly a stretch. Expect them to be confirmed or denied during the Microsoft's E3 presentation.

The Xbox E3 2017 press conference begins on Sunday, June 11 at 2:00pm PT.

Source: NeoGAF

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