Phil Spencer Teases 15 Game World Premieres At Xbox E3 2018 Conference


It's that time of year again. E3 is back in action for 2018 and all tons of reveals are flooding the Internet and stoking the fire of fan expectations. With the Electronic Arts press conference having come and gone, next up to bat is the team at Microsoft, who have a lot of mystery surrounding their briefing. But if Xbox Head Phil Spencer is to be believed, Microsoft has a whole lot in store for their presentation.

Feeding into the hype ahead of the Microsoft press conference tomorrow afternoon, Phil Spencer took to Twitter to share his excitement with fans. In the tweet, Spencer reveals that the Microsoft team has finished their final rehearsal for the conference and that he is, "Excited to world premiere 15 games tomorrow and much, much more."

15 world premieres may seem like a lot but it does make sense. Microsoft and Xbox have always faced a lot of criticism for a lack of exclusive titles so the idea that Spencer and company are looking to rectify that at this year conference with a much larger slate than in the past wouldn't be a surprise.

Of course, the question becomes what are the titles. It's very likely that a large chunk of them will be smaller indie titles. But even assuming a few are indies, that still leaves a big number of unannounced larger scale titles Xbox has yet to share with the public, something that Xbox Wire Editor-in-Chief Will Tuttle teased not long ago.

Assuming that not all of the games are new IPs and some are titles in established series the most obvious contenders are Halo 6 and a new Gears Of WarHalo 6 has been in development for some time now and was notably absent at E3 last year. As for Gears Of War, rumors have been circulating recently that The Coalition, the developers now in charge of all thing Gears Of War, have something (or three different games) to show fans at this year's conference.

There is also the possibility that not all of these world premieres will be Xbox exclusives. Remember that Microsoft's E3 briefings tend to include a number of major third party titles, and in some cases, those reveals happen first on their stage. So, Spencer could be including fans' first looks at Assassin's Creed Odyssey or Cyberpunk 2077 in that 15-game tally.

Whatever Spencer and the Microsoft team has in store, it is sure to be a treat. Xbox has taken huge strides to rehabilitate its image after the mistakes made in the Xbox One launch and much of that is thanks to Spencer's leadership. Assuming he wants to keep that goodwill coming, it's likely that Spencer wouldn't be raising expectations this way unless he was sure this year's conference was gonna be something special.

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