Head of Xbox Phil Spencer reveals that Microsoft is already planning its presentation for E3 2017, telling a fan on Twitter that he’s pleased with the lineup.

2017 may only be a month old, but it’s never too early to start thinking about E3, or at least it’s not if you’re Xbox boss Phil Spencer. The Microsoft executive let it be known that he recently sat in on an Xbox One E3 review while responding to a fan on Twitter Friday night and according to Spencer, things are looking up for this year’s lineup.

Spencer frequently interacts with Xbox fans through his social media account and on Friday, Twitter user @bones_no tweeted to the Head of Xbox to ask how he felt about the Xbox One’s upcoming lineup for E3. Spencer responded to the tweet just two minutes later:

It’s not exactly a huge shock to hear Spencer talking up the Xbox One, but the tweet does at least make clear that Microsoft is already working hard to create the best show possible in June. 2017 has higher stakes than usual for Spencer and the rest of the Xbox team, as the highly anticipated Project Scorpio is slated to hit stores this fall. The new console will provide a more robust gaming experience┬áthan the current Xbox One and may even leapfrog Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro as the most powerful console on the market.

But if Scorpio is going to be a success, Microsoft is going to need to have some top notch games ready to go on launch day and E3 2017 will likely be Scorpio’s big coming out party. Spencer last gave an update on Scorpio a few months ago when he said the console was making “amazing progress,” but he has not commented on the leaked specs that were circulating around the Internet last week.

A glance at Spencer’s timeline shows that he’s continued to interact with fans well into the weekend. His responses include telling a fan that more games will support cross-play between PC and Xbox One going forward and he told another gamer eager to pre-order the Scorpio that preorders will not be available until after Microsoft reveals games designed for the console. Spencer has even been known to comment on his competitors from time to time, like when he said that he was “impressed” by the Nintendo Switch last fall.

E3 2017 begins on June 13. Project Scorpio will release this holiday.