Xbox Has Big Plans for This Year's E3 Conference

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We are still a few months away from this year's E3, but the excitement is already starting to build. We've already learned that the Elder Scrolls developer, Bethesda, is planning their first ever E3 press conference, where they may just reveal Fallout 4.

Now, it looks like Microsoft is hoping to capitalize on gamers' early excitement by teasing a few hints about its plans for the gaming conference. During a recent Inner Circle podcast, Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenburg claimed Microsoft's E3 presence will be the "Super Bowl of gaming."

That's a big statement, but it sounds like Microsoft may be able to deliver on that promise. According to Greenburg, players are in for quite a treat.

"Expect a lot of surprises. Expect us to talk a lot about games. And if you're an Xbox owner, I think you're going to leave really, really, really happy in the investment you made. And if you're undecided, we hope that you will look at what we deliver on games and want to buy an Xbox."

Exclusive Game Announcements

Sounds like we should expect Microsoft to announce a strong set of Xbox exclusive games. We are already aware of Halo 5: Guardians, Quantum Break, and the timed-exclusivity of Rise of the Tomb Raider – so whatever else they have planned should hopefully be big.

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Greenberg was also quick to remind gamers that we aren't even a quarter of the way through the next-gen system's life, so there is still a lot to be done with the Xbox One. That means gamers can expect titles that are better in every way, from design to gameplay. One look at the difference between games from the early days of the Xbox 360 and games released today is enough to get players excited for the future of the Xbox One. Greenberg says he's excited for the upcoming innovation on the newest Xbox system.

"We're still very early in this generation; we're still really just starting to really showcase the power and the graphic fidelity of the platform. And we're just really starting to put together to innovate some really cool things with Xbox Live. Some of the stuff we're doing on the server side with Azure and the cloud and innovating that into the way games are designed is very, very cool. There's just so much opportunity to innovate… I've seen a little bit of the future, and I've seen some of the farther future stuff which is pretty awesome, too."

New Approach to E3

Greenberg also shared that Xbox will be taking a different approach to E3 this year than in years past.

"We have some ideas to do some things different at E3 this year that we haven't done before. I think we're going to take a little bit of a different approach to E3 this year. But I feel really good about it. It's been really exciting."

While he didn't provide any further information, his words definitely make us curious as to what the Xbox team could be bringing to the conference. Last year's focus was heavy on games, while the year before was centered on the complete entertainment value of Xbox. Whatever they're planning this year, hopefully it includes more information about Hololens and the work Xbox is doing to build a more immersive experience for gamers.

Microsoft Xbox One E3 2014 Press Conference

With a bit of time still left until E3, we're sure this isn't the last – or even the biggest – tease we'll get from Microsoft about their plans for Xbox at the conference. And while Greenberg only gave us a taste, we'll admit it definitely has us hungry for more.

Stay tuned to Game Rant for more updates about Xbox and the rest of the gaming world as we prepare for this year's E3 conference.

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