Microsoft Store Discounts Various Xbox Wireless Controllers and Accessories

The Microsoft Store is currently offering discounts on several Xbox Wireless Controllers. The sale includes various design and color options, which is perfect for those players wanting to purchase additional controllers that is not the standard black or white.

Microsoft is slashing $10 off on all Xbox Wireless Controllers in its online store. It is unclear how long the sale will last, but it is assumed that the prices of the controllers would remain discounted as long as stocks are still available.

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Xbox Wireless Controllers:

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Apart from Xbox Wireless Controllers, the Microsoft Store is also offering good deals on several gaming accessories for the Xbox One and PC. These accessories include game storage and wireless headsets, with discounts of up to $100 off.

Other Xbox One Accessories:

Microsoft is also offering the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for $2 for two months. The service combines both the Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass into one single package. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate usually goes for $30 for a two-month subscription, which means that players get to save $28 for this deal. The discount on the subscription has been available since August and will end sometime this September.

Meanwhile, Amazon is also offering massive discounts on select games for the Xbox One. The retailer is slashing off up to 75% off from Xbox One games including Anthem, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Amazon is also offering the Metro Exodus Xbox One X bundle at a discount. The bundled console is currently available for $371.07, which is $128 off of its list price of $499.

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