Xbox Offers Congrats To Nintendo On Switch News


A member of the Xbox team sent out a congratulatory message to Nintendo following its recent Switch event that revealed important details on the company's latest console.

Mike Ybarra, Xbox engineering lead, reached out to send his compliments to Nintendo through Twitter, congratulating the company and its teams on its Switch announcements last night.

GameSpot reports that Ybarra began his message by calling the event "fun and exciting," and stating that it was a "great time to be a gamer." Both compliments that should make Nintendo feel accomplished.

This was followed by direct congrats to Nintendo and its worldwide teams.


Despite being competition, this marks the second positive response Nintendo has gotten from a member of Xbox. The last instance was back in October, shortly after the Nintendo Switch was first unveiled. Head of Microsoft's Xbox division, Phil Spencer, responded to a fan's request to know what he thought of Nintendo's new console.

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Spencer replied that he was "always impressed with their ability to state a bold vision and build a product that delivers on that vision." Spencer has a history of speaking his mind and has often voiced his disdain for console wars. Instead, opting to keep a positive, encouraging attitude toward his rivals.

Nintendo did indeed have a bold vision with their new console, one which was finally detailed at last night's event. The Switch is a hybrid console that works from home or on-the-go, taking on aspects of many of Nintendo's past consoles and handhelds. Its official release date was announced for this March, and is priced at a reasonable $300 USD.

Additionally, a copious amount of games were revealed for the console. Including, Super Mario Odyssey, which was touted as the next Super Mario 64 due to its open-world sandbox style, and Splatoon 2Fans also got confirmation of a longtime rumor that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would release alongside the Switch.


Nintendo must be pleased to hear compliments from their competition – especially since the company really needs to stoke the excitement of the gaming community if the Switch is ever to be a success. So far the announcements haven't disappointed, but Nintendo isn't quite done yet. It will be holding another live event today that highlights various games coming to the console.

Nintendo Switch will arrive in North America on March 3, 2017.

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