Xbox Black Friday Deals Confirmed During X019

The holiday season is closing in, and with it comes Black Friday. In a matter of weeks, shoppers will be able to buy luxury items for fractions of their original prices, including things from Xbox. Microsoft announced the console's participation in Black Friday at their X019 event, which is currently in full-swing and will be running until Saturday.

X019, or "X0" events, are reoccurring trade events hosted by Microsoft that operate like E3 but focus exclusively on the Xbox and its related products. It is "a global celebration of all things Xbox," as coined by Microsoft, who hosts the event in different parts of the world.

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The obvious product on sale is the Xbox One, but Microsoft is also putting up its gaming PCs, allowing buyers to save up to $150 and $500 on each, respectively. The Xbox One's gaming library is up for grabs too. Both Xbox Game Studios originals and digitally bought titles will be on sale, with the former going up to as high as 65% off, and the latter going up to 50%. Beyond the consoles and their games, however, clothes and controllers will also be on sale. Controllers will go up to 20% off while the brand's clothing and other related accessories can go up 30.

Outside of the console and game space, customers will also be able to save up to 10 dollars in the Xbox Design Lab. A variety of custom-designed Xbox controllers are available for shoppers who want something different from the controller's original aesthetic. Any customer that doesn't like any of the featured designs can also create their own. The design lab has over 1000 different color combinations to play with, so possible creations are seemingly limitless.

Each of these deals will last from November 24 to December 2. In the case of digitally purchased games, however, ultimate and gold Xbox members will have early access to savings starting on November 21. With next-generation consoles reportedly coming out next year, Microsoft will be looking to clean out as much of its inventory this Black Friday as it can. X019 hasn't currently dropped any information on the upcoming Xbox Scarlett, but there are two days left for that to change. This November, then, is shaping up to be one for Xbox fans to remember.

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