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One of the biggest selling points for the Xbox One over its competition is its backward compatibility support. Ever since backward compatibility was announced a couple of years ago, the service has grown significantly to include over 200 games, and now many of those games are being discounted in the Xbox One Backward Compatibility Super Sale, which is going on now and ends May 22nd. For a full list of discounted titles, click here.

Microsoft has gone all out for this massive sale, which may very well be the largest digital sale the company has hosted for Xbox 360 games. The sale offers deep discounts on some of the biggest backward compatibility titles, with the likes of Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 both available at 60% off the usual asking price.

Other games are available at even bigger discounts. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, for example, can be snagged at 75% off, as can Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Fable 2. And it's worth noting that these backward compatibility deals are on top of the usual weekly deals, so Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get discounts on more than just BC games this week, with the Team17 Indie Collection standing out at a whopping 85% off.

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This backward compatibility sale is quite expansive and generous, and makes one wonder if Microsoft has a BC-related announcement it's going to make soon. Perhaps backward compatibility with original Xbox games could be in the works as a surprise announcement at E3. Or maybe some other expansion of backward compatibility will be revealed during Microsoft's press conference next month.

Alternatively, this sale could simply be to celebrate the success of the backward compatibility program so far. Some games have seen their sales skyrocket after being added to the backward compatibility list. For example, when Red Dead Redemption was added to the backward compatibility lineup, sales for Rockstar's open world western jumped by nearly 6,000%.

Whatever the reason for the Xbox One Super Backward Compatibility Sale, it provides Xbox One owners a chance to expand their collection of Xbox 360 titles. Anyone interested in taking advantage of it has until May 22nd to do so.

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Source: Major Nelson

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