Xbox boss Phil Spencer reveals via Twitter that gamers should ‘Never say never’ when it comes to Microsoft offering Xbox 360 backward compatibility on PC.

Since its launch in November 2015, backward compatibility has been a resounding success for Xbox One. The opportunity for Xbox One gamers to play their favorite Xbox 360 games on their current-generation console has undoubtedly helped drive many 360 owners to upgrade their consoles.

Now, PC gamers are hoping they can get in on the action. A PC gamer recently asked Xbox boss Phil Spencer if Xbox 360 backward compatibility will ever make it to PC. Spencer responded via Twitter, saying that doing so would be a challenge, but that it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

As Spencer notes in his tweet, providing Xbox 360 backward compatibility for PC gamers would mean taking into account the different PC hardware configurations and setups. For Xbox One, Microsoft needed only create a single solution, which could be used across the board for all Xbox One owners. In fact, the current setup for Xbox One will allow Project Scorpio owners to also have access to Xbox 360 backward compatibility once the new console launches later this year.

However, in Spencer’s characteristically optimistic view, there’s no reason to say never when it comes to Xbox’s offerings. Despite falling far behind PlayStation 4 in global sales, it seems Xbox is dedicated to providing the best experience it can for its fans. This includes launching Xbox Play Anywhere, which allows gamers to buy a digital title on either Xbox One or PC and have access to it on both platforms. It also includes a major focus on first-party titles for Xbox One gamers throughout this next year.

If Xbox does decide to offer backward compatibility for PC gamers, it could be the console-maker needs only create some form of Xbox 360 emulator for PCs that has a certain hardware performance requirement. It’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft decides to do in the matter and what opportunities become available for PC gamers.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility

In the meantime, Xbox One owners now have well over 300 backward compatible titles to choose from, including many of the most highly-requested Xbox 360 games. In January, Xbox added 18 games to the growing list of backward compatible titles, and while none have yet been added in February, it’s still early in the month.

What do you think about the idea of backward compatibility for PC gamers? Would you like to see the service become available?