Remember that purported Xbox 720 (Durango) dev kit that was circulating the Internet not two weeks ago? The one that gave us a closer look at what type of hardware the next generation of Xbox might be packing. That dev kit has just been sold on eBay, and while the sale doesn’t speak towards the legitimacy of the device, it’s price tag is certainly worth talking about.

At $20,100 this Xbox 720 dev kit has now changed hands, and is likely on its way to being even further scrutinized than it already was before. Along with some general boot-up options — which pointed towards the existence of a Kinect 2.0 — the dev kit was packing some serious processing power with its 8 GB of RAM.

It didn’t take long — about a day in fact — for bidding to jump from an initial $5.00 bid all the way up to the final $20,000 price, meaning clearly more than one individual believed the dev kit to be legitimate. In fact, the final bidder only got involved late in the bidding, pushing the price tag a whopping $4,000 into the $20,000 range. Still, a small price to pay for a look at the next Xbox.

Obviously Microsoft wouldn’t comment on such a speculative situation, but the leak itself, if true, is surely a PR nightmare. At such a hefty price, some believe that it was Microsoft who took the dev kit off DaE’s hands.

If not, though, we might be able to get a better idea as to just what type of graphics card the Xbox 720 is working with. Earlier details suggested something along the lines of the Radeon HD 6670 — a fairly inferior card by today’s standards — but that was one of the details the dev kit owner wasn’t too clear about. This is a dev kit we’re talking about, and potentially an early version of one at that, so any and everything that is found inside could be obsolete by now.

Would we rather Microsoft unveils the Xbox 720 and tells us, for certain, what is contained within the console? Absolutely, but since that won’t be happening until, at the earliest, next year’s E3 we’d rather try and guess what’s inside.

Do you think that the winning bidder walked away with a genuine Xbox 720 dev kit? How much would you pay for the final version of the console?

Source: eBay (via Kotaku)