Xbox 720: Includes Blu-ray, May Require Always-on Internet, Due 2013?


Despite claims by Microsoft that talk of their next Xbox won't be present at E3 2012 (which, according to the platform holder, is the year of the Xbox 360), rumors pertaining to the next-generation console keep circulating.

The latest speculation comes in the form of the Xbox 360 successor apparently requiring an always-on Internet connection to even operate the console - as well as other intriguing elements attached to the yet-to-be announced console.

According to VG247, the Xbox 720 has been detailed by Microsoft to select partners - while the firm also internally confirmed a Christmas 2013 release. Additionally, "multiple sources" have also established that the Xbox 720 will boast not one, but two GPUs, with a source stating "It’s like two PCs taped together.”

The way GPUs are structured within a regular dual PC set-up won't be how the set-up is implemented within the next-generation Xbox. Instead, two chips within the machine take turns in order to draw lines of the same object, consequently resulting in the console's graphical units being able to operate independently which draws separate items concurrently. The graphics cards present, meanwhile, are equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series GPUs.

Additionally, sources suggested the next generation of Kinect will be integrated into the Xbox 720. Also rumored, as previously speculated upon, is the machine will be equipped with a Blu-ray drive.

When a developer or publisher confirms that their title will require an always-on Internet connection - such as Blizzard indicating this would be the case with Diablo III - an outcry by consumers is inevitable. Now, remember, this just applies to a single game. Microsoft, on the other hand, is apparently applying the concept to a whole console with sources suggesting the next Xbox requiring an always-on internet connection to combat piracy.

This specific rumor may seem far-fetched to many, and especially considering the speculation relating to the next Xbox spreading like fire as of late, it's hard to contemplate if there is any credence. However, taking into account the various job listings of positions needed for next-generation consoles, as well as Microsoft themselves registering peculiar domains, you can't help think that what sources are suggesting here may very well be true in some aspects.

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For instance, Microsoft's fight against piracy on the Xbox 360 has shown the publisher doesn't tolerate those playing illegally on their platform: since they outright ban offending players' consoles from being able to connect to Xbox Live - thus adding credibility to the idea that the Xbox 720 could require an always-on Internet connection as an anti-piracy measure.

That said, with so many potential customers around the world who don't have reliable access to an Internet connection, it's hard to imagine that, for the time being, Microsoft would actually consider an option that could alienate an enormous batch of would-be Xbox 720 buyers.

Ranters, what are your thoughts on the the next Xbox requiring owners to have an always-on Internet connection? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.


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Source: VG247

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