With the large bulk of video games coming out for current generation consoles this year, it’s very easy to forget about the next generation of hardware that is – we hope – right around the corner. As distant as the next generation of consoles may be, a few more juicy rumors have hit the web that indicate that fans should expect to see the Xbox 720 sooner rather than later, because Alan Wake 2 and Saints Row 4 are already entering development for the console (and perhaps, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2).

As we reported earlier, Microsoft has already put a few choice developers to work on a couple of new projects for their next-generation Xbox console. The list of developers that are claimed to be busy working on these next-gen projects are none other than Rare, Lionhead Studios, and Turn 10, just to name a few. It’s rumored that these devs have already assembled a small team to begin work on the Xbox 720‘s future catalogue of exclusive games.

While the identity of those games will be speculated upon by the masses — mainly Rare’s game (come on Conker…) — until they’re eventually revealed, there’s something very appealing about the possibility of Alan Wake 2. A recent rumor spawning from the depths of the ‘Insider’ section in October’s issue of Xbox World magazine states that Remedy has been keeping quiet regarding a sequel to Alan Wake, because they’ve already already begun the development process on the title for Xbox 720.

“We hear a number of Microsoft-friendly developers are hard at work on prepping next gen games as we speak. Could this be the reason why Remedy are so quiet about Alan Wake 2? (Yes)”

It seems that first-party companies aren’t the only ones getting in on the next-gen action either. As Xbox World also reports, THQ is already planning Saints Row 4 (perhaps using Red Faction’s GeoMod tech), but gamers may not be seeing it for a very long time. So long in fact that that gamers should have “this pencilled in as an Xbox 720 title.” At least SR enthusiasts have Saints Row The Third to keep them preoccupied in the meantime.

If all of these games are actually entering development for the next generation of Xbox consoles, then the next generation is coming a lot sooner than anyone else originally thought. Now we just have to sit and wait for an official confirmation from Microsoft to see if our prediction about an Xbox 720 announcement at E3 2012 comes true.

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