Video Streaming Coming to the Xbox 360’s Zune Marketplace?

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The Xbox 360’s Zune Marketplace is often marketed by Microsoft as the go-to place for all of your television and movie needs, but lately it’s been a last resort option for anyone who already enjoys Netflix and Hulu on the system. Microsoft has allegedly gotten sick of sitting back while these third parties take a chunk out of their profit, and they plan to strike back by offering their own video streaming option via the Zune Marketplace.

According to The Daily, some insiders at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, have been talking about updating the download-based, and mildly outdated, video store. They plan on taking the system that is currently in place and updating it to include the popular streaming options that have made Netflix and Hulu the entertainment juggernauts they are today. The rumor only gets juicer, however, as it also claims that Microsoft is getting ready to release the brand new Zune Marketplace option at some point later this year.

The Zune streaming option is said to be available for a fee of some kind, which will allow a bevy of content such as popular films and television shows to be viewable on the 360. The means of obtaining a membership to the subscription-based video service are still up in the air, but it’s easy to assume that 360 users will be paying yet another monthly fee for the privilege.

This rumored move makes a lot of sense considering the massive success of video streaming, and it’s really not surprising that Microsoft is deciding to incorporate the proven-to-be successful business model. That the new service is said to be rolling out prior to 2012 means that Microsoft will get around to announcing this feature sooner rather than later.

It’ll be interesting to see if this latest scuttlebutt comes to fruition. Rest assured that Game Rant will keep you updated with information on the Zune Marketplace as soon as it becomes available.

What would Microsoft have to include in a subscription-based Zune option to make you interested?

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Source: The Daily