Microsoft: Millions of Xbox 360 Users Could Convert to Xbox One This Winter

By | 12 months ago 

Microsoft predicts that with the motivation of Halo 5 and backward compatibility tens of millions of users will upgrade from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One this winter.

It’s no secret that the PS4 has been ahead of the Xbox One in terms of console sales pretty consistently since the two current-gen consoles launched in 2013. Microsoft has still been doing well, but the company actually expects to see an enormous spike in sales this holiday season, thanks to new motivation for Xbox 360 users to make the leap to current-gen.

Microsoft stole at least part of the show at E3 with the announcement of backward compatibility coming this winter and the 100 game lineup will be available in early November for players who aren’t quite ready to let go of the Xbox 360 era just yet. The release of the backward compatibility feature, which Sony is still uninterested in offering for the PS4, combined with the launch of Halo 5 is making the team at Microsoft very confident that millions of Xbox 360 users will make the switch to the Xbox One during the holiday shopping season.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg spoke to GameSpot about the company’s expectations for this winter…

“There’s tens of millions of Xbox 360 fans that are out there that are still playing on Xbox 360 and they’re waiting for the right time and the right reason to migrate over to Xbox One.”

“Whether they’ve been waiting for the first true next-gen Halo with Halo 5 or if they’ve been waiting for solutions like backwards compatibility, we do expect to see a pretty massive migration this holiday of those fans.”

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

After Uncharted 4 was delayed until March 2016 and the Wii U’s major upcoming title, Star Fox, was also delayed, the possibility for Microsoft to own the holiday shopping season has become a very real possibility. Even if Halo 5 is the only exclusive title with a household name, that game alone has enough buzz to sell consoles. Fallout 4 and Battlefront are also both going to be huge hits this shopping season, but those games can both be played on multiple platforms.

Tens of millions seems like a very optimistic prediction, but Microsoft is at major advantage this season. Whether or not gamers will be drawn to the new console because of backward compatibility will be a lot more clear after the official list of supported games is released. With launch just a few weeks away, we expect that list to drop any day. Stay tuned for updates.

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Source: GameSpot