Possible Xbox 360/Kinect "Premium" Bundle Spotted, Includes 250GB Hard Drive

Kinect 250GB Bundle

We knew that Microsoft was planning on releasing an Xbox 360/Kinect bundle this fall with a 4GB hard drive, but some evidence has surfaced that a “premium” bundle is on the horizon as well. A photo of the Australian packaging for the 4 gig bundle shows a 250GB version which will feature a gloss finish (as opposed to the 4 gig’s matte finish)  console and headset.

The 4GB bundle is scheduled for a November 4th release and will carry a $299.99 price tag.  The release date for the “premium” bundle is still unknown, but you’d have to think that the release dates couldn’t be too far apart. There’s been no hint of what the pricing for the “premium” bundle will be, though some speculate that the price will be no lower than $399.99.  Of course, you can forgo the bundles altogether and simply purchase Kinect on its own for $149.99, but if you don't have an Xbox 360 S (slim) Kinect will require its own power source.

Current 360 owners balked at the original Kinect bundle because of the puny hard drive space (4 gigs…really?) and relatively steep price tag.  When Microsoft’s E3 press conference focused so heavily on Kinect, many gamers were concerned that the Xbox 360 would become a breeding ground for shovel-ware games that simply tried to succeed based on the novelty of “no controller” motion control.  The 4 gig bundle affirmed in some gamer’s minds that Microsoft was turning its attention away from Shooters and RPGs and towards mini-games and novelty titles.  I remember watching the press conference and thinking, “I don’t want to see a Gears of War party game where I have to balance my lancer on my open palm.”

This 250GB  bundle could be Microsoft’s first olive branch to its hardcore gamers who utilize more storage space than the casual gaming crowd.   Does this new information have you considering upgrading your system and picking up Kinect all in one? Let us know in the comments.

You'll be jumping, kicking, punching, and flailing your body in front of your TV November 4th, when Microsoft Kinect is released.

Source: Game Informer

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