Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle Ships With 'Forza 3' and 'Alan Wake'

Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle - Alan Wake and Forza 3

The holiday shopping season is just around the corner and many parents might be wondering what to get their kids this year. They might have every console and they have probably already picked up some of this fall’s hottest titles, like Black Ops or Fable 3, but do they have the newest Xbox 360 console on which to play those games? Microsoft is releasing a Holiday Bundle to cover just that niche.

Packed with Forza 3 and a download code for Alan Wake, the 250GB slim Xbox 360 console is the perfect gift for someone who already picked up Microsoft’s new motion control Kinect and isn't liking the added burden of a separate power source. The new console is much quieter as well, and is less likely to fall victim to some of the problems of the earlier generations of the 360.

As one of the most unique games to come to a console this year, Alan Wake is certainly enough to sweeten the pot that is this holiday bundle. Forza 3 was a solid entry in the driving series but is a year old and therefore has most likely already been purchased by any racing game fans. Perhaps Microsoft should have included the Forza 3 Ultimate Collection instead. If you were looking to get yourself your first or a new 360 console, you've got an eclectic collection coming in your bundle.

Most interesting to note is the fact that the titles in this bundle, as opposed to previous years, are a bit more adult oriented. In previous years, releases have included titles from the popular LEGO games like LEGO Batman or LEGO Indiana Jones and the movie tie-in game for Kung Fu Panda. There was a LEGO game released this year - LEGO Harry Potter - but perhaps Microsoft is looking towards the more hardcore gamer this Holiday season as Alan Wake is sure give the younger gamers nightmares.

There is no release date announced just yet for this Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle but it is expected to hit retailers sometime this month for $299.

Source: Kotaku

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