Xbox 360 Chrome Series Controllers Coming Soon

Anyone who loves Xbox 360 and shiny things has had a rough go of things lately. The one shiny controller that has been announced comes exclusively packaged in with the limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360/Kinect bundle in the form of an awesome looking C-3P0 (releasing tomorrow). While it's sad that the controller won't be available for purchase outside of the bundle, Microsoft has decided to shine a little light on the situation by announcing a brand new series of chrome 360 controllers.

As revealed by Major Nelson, the 'Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome Series Wireless Controllers' will officially be en route to brick-and-mortar retailers in the very near future. Better yet, the controllers will come in one of three chrome-tastic colors. The red, blue, and silver styles will not only stand out in all of their shining glory, but they'll also combine to make it feel like Christmas all year round in your house. That alone almost makes the controllers worth picking up.

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These controllers seem perfect for anyone looking to shine up their collection of limited edition 360 controllers, and fans will undoubtedly be jumping at the chance to own at least one of these fabulous bad boys. I can't help but think that this design lends the chrome controllers to fingerprints though, and we're uncertain of the texture it'll offer for gripping. Regardless, that little blue chrome controller is calling my name.

It turns out the wait for the limited edition chrome controllers won't be too long either, as Major Nelson confirmed that they'll begin to appear on store shelves in mid-May. The price will also remain the standard $54.99, $5 more than usual. So far, red, blue, and silver are the only colors available, but apparently "color availability will vary by region" so if there's a particular shade you planned on picking up then you should call ahead to your local retailer.


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Source: Major Nelson

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