Rare Redesigning Avatars to be Realistically Proportioned for Kinect

Just when we get used to the lil' guys standing around on our screen, trapped in a solid box of despair (how would you like it!?), it turns out Rare is going to be changing Avatars up. But with good reason!

It turns out that our pudgy little avatars don't tend to react so well to Kinect games. The reason, says Nick Burton (senior programmer of Avatars at Rare), is that the disproportionate avatars aren't to the same lengths as human bodies and are causing some glitching in Kinect-based avatar games. To fix the problem, a fresh batch of avatars - simply referred to as "Avatar 2.0" - will be hitting 360s near you sometime near the release of the Xbox Kinect.

The new avatars will be a little more realistic then our current guys and gals. The hope is that with more realistic lengths for arms, legs and torsos the Kinect games will be more accurate and not quite so twitchy. Having played Kinect on a few occasions, it was noticeable that the avatars were simply not built for some extended arm motions.  While they never glitched enough to actually impede the gameplay, it's things like that which take away the glitter in a gamer's eye.

Rare hasn't released any pictures of what the next generation will look like, but you can imagine with relative ease that they're likely going to keep the same cartoony style. Mostly as to continue use of their current clothing products and awards, but with extended and contracted portions of the body. The most obvious change is likely to downsize our bobble-heads, which occasionally seem to be as big as the torso on a poor avatar's body!

It'll be interesting to watch how Kinect-based games react to the sudden variations. No doubt that all the games have been programmed for the pudgy little avatars, and might need a good batch of fine-tuning after the update rolls out. Game Rant will keep you informed of the upcoming avatar updates - but in the meantime, what do you think the new avatars will look like?

Source: OXM

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