Xbox Live Marketplace to Lose Gun-Like Avatar Items January 1st

Xbox LIVE to Lose Gun-Like Avatar Items

Those who were thinking about outfitting their Xbox LIVE Avatar with with a Lancer from Gears of War 3, may want to go purchase them now. This is because as of January 1st all gun-like items will be removed from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

People are probably wondering why such iconic weapons are being removed from the Marketplace. Microsoft is starting a new policy where going forward no guns can be purchased for Xbox Avatars. The good news is that if users already own these items, or purchase them now prior to January 1st,will get to keep them.

This news broke on the Epic Games forums. This is where Will Kinsler, Community Manager for Epic, informed loyal fans that they should act now if they wanted their Avatar to sport the Lancer or Hammerburst items. Fans reactions were less then enthusiastic about Microsoft's new policy.

Why would Microsoft make a move that would would prevent users from accessorizing their avatars with guns? The simple answer is they want to appeal to a wider audience. With the success of Kinect, the Xbox 360 is becoming a form of entertainment for the whole family and not just hardcore gamers. Parents who purchased a Xbox 360/Kinect bundle for their family may be put off if they view avatars with weapons. Especially if they have young children.

This is a move that will no doubt anger many longtime Xbox owners, and Microsoft could have given users more time to acquire these soon-to-be discontinued items. Microsoft is likely moving quickly to avoid backlash from al those new users who purchased the Xbox 360 as gifts this holiday. Makes one wonder what it would take to get those Jersey Shore items off the Marketplace?

All gun-like avatar items will removed from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on January 1, 2012. So if you have any spare points it's best to use them now.

-Source: Epic Games

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