XBLA 'Super Meat Boy' Adds New Levels Via The Internets

Super Meat Boy Never Coming to WiiWare or PS3

Team Meat has added even more levels to its XBLA version of Super Meat Boy via the online interface "The Internets" yesterday. The team has added two new chapters for free.

Those who haven't experienced the painfully enjoyable platformer that is Super Meat Boy are highly encouraged; Game Rant's in-depth Super Meat Boy review explains how great the game is. In short, the game has tons of humor and intense gameplay that far exceeds many games at five times its price.

The first chapter of the new update is called "Expert Remix" and was created by Team Meat. The only character gamers can use in the update is Meat Boy and it comes with a difficulty of very hard, containing 20 levels in total. This chapter "remixes" and increases the difficulty of the top 20 best levels in the game that were chosen by the fans and Team Meat.

The second chapter is dubbed "Cramps" and is the first user-created upload. The chosen character is again Meat Boy. Team Meat says the difficulty is around the medium level and it also packs 20 levels. This user download may be best for gamers just starting out with Super Meat Boy, as the blog states it is "easy enough for those of you just starting out but still quite enjoyable for the masochists out there."

Those who haven't heard the wickedly addictive music and gameplay of Super Meat Boy should check out the trailer below:


Super Meat Boy is also available for PC, and includes some pretty neat characters from other indies like 2D Boy's World of Goo. However, gamers waiting for a WiiWare release should be reminded that the Wii version of Super Meath Boy has been cancelled.

This is not the first time Team Meat has provided new levels for the XBLA version. There was a previous update with 20 Gish (another big indie name) themed levels.  Finally, it's worth noting that the creators of Super Meat Boy will be featured in this year's Indie Game: The Movie documentary. The quality of this documentary seems stellar!

Source: Team Meat blog

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