XBLA Is Having a House Party, 'Beyond Good & Evil HD' and 'Torchlight' are Guests of Honor

XBLA House Party

Microsoft certainly loves to hold "events" over their Xbox Live service, but these events usually only consist of new arcade games being included in an advertising campaign. There have been some very awesome games to release in the past as part of these events, such as Summer of Arcade which brought us LIMBO, or Game Feast which brought us Super Meat Boy. Even the latest Games for the Holidays promotion brought us Raskulls, ilomilo, and A World of Keflings, so there is always an expectation that the best Xbox Live Arcade games will be released within the time frame of these events.

Microsoft won't be letting anyone down with their upcoming House Party promo, which will see the release of five games that will surely appeal to every gamer demographic. The first game that will be starting off the promotion will be Hard Corps: Uprising. This game is being developed by Arc System Works (the folks behind games like Guilty Gear and BlazBlue), and fans of Contra: Hard Corps will be more than satisfied with this XBLA title, which has been referred to as a "spiritual prequel" to the original SEGA Genesis game.

The other four games in the 'House Party' lineup haven't been given their respective release dates yet, but the games that will included are titles such as Bejeweled: Blitz Live, Full House Poker, Beyond Good & Evil HD, and Torchlight. Not that Game Rant has anything against Bejeweled, but Beyond Good & Evil HD and Torchlight are certainly the stand out games that will be launching within the House Party event.

First thing first, Beyond Good & Evil HD will NOT be an Xbox Live exclusive so relax PlayStation 3 owners because the game will eventually make its way to the PSN, but it will likely be a timed exclusive for Microsoft. The HD remake of the cult-classic Beyond Good & Evil will feature gorgeous new graphics and sounds, along with achievements making the game more than worth the revisit for fans who've already played through the original. It's not the news we've been waiting for regarding the Beyond Good & Evil 2, but it's something that will likely wet the appetite of anxious fans while they wait. Ubisoft was also kind enough to release a brand new trailer for the upcoming HD revamp and that can be seen below.


Torchlight was a massive surprise amongst the other games announced for House Party, and will finally introduce console gamers to the runaway hit that sold over 800,000 copies on PC and Mac. The gameplay in Torchlight is extremely similar to that of Blizzard's Diablo series, and that's one of the main reasons the game became so immensely popular. The Xbox 360 version of Torchlight will come with exclusive content such as "revamped controls and mechanics, new armor and quests, an exclusive new pet, and some kind of 'goodie' sharing system for Xbox Live friends." All of this exclusive content is a much appreciated bonus, but it'll be interesting to see how well this game turns out when it hits XBLA in the coming months.

All of these games seem to create one of the best lineups for an Xbox Live Arcade event ever. Microsoft's House Party will kick-off with Hard Corps: Uprising on February 16, 2011, and will run five weeks. There's still no details on whether or not Microsoft will offer a point rebate in a similar fashion to the Summer of Arcade offer this past year, but with an event of this size, it's easy to imagine that there could be one.

Will you be buying any of these downloadable goodies? Which game are you most excited to play first?

Source: Escapist Magazine

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