Though there never really was  any slow point this year, game release schedules just keep picking up speed.  That’s as true for download services as it is for retail games, and now Microsoft has just detailed its next big batch of XBLA games.

XBLA’s Block Party kicks off March third, and keeps going through the 24th.  Here are the details:

March 3rd: Toy Soldiers -1200 points.
Toy Soldiers

March 10: Scrap Metal — 1200 points.
scrap metal game xbox live arcade

March 17: Perfect Dark — 800 points.
Perfect Dark

March 24: Game Room — Free to download. Individual games will cost 240 to 400 points.
XBLA Game Room

But the Party doesn’t end with a solid month of great releases.  Gamers who buy the whole batch (3200 points – $40 actual American dollars) will get 400 points ($5) refunded to their accounts.  Even better, if you are a Gold Member and buy everything, you’ll get a free month of Gold service added to your subscription.

Feeling left out, Silver Members?  Well don’t, because from noon on Friday March 26th through noon on Monday March 29th, online play in all Block Party titles will be unlocked for everyone.  Not bad, huh?

I’ve mentioned my interest in Scrap Metal before, and Toy Soldiers definitely looks promising.  With Game Room, I feel like people have a pretty good idea of what they’ll be getting (though I still want to know what the day-one titles will be).  Perfect Dark, however, is going to be an interesting case.  Though clearly ported with a great deal of care, are today’s gamers really going to respond to yesterday’s idea of a console first person shooter?

So, what are you picking up?  Are you down for the whole party, or will you be picking and choosing your way through?

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Block Party begins March 3rd and runs through March 29th.

Source: Major Nelson