A character artist takes it upon themselves to design a series of Disney Infinity characters based around the X-Men, showing what could have been had production not ceased.

When Disney announced that Disney Infinity was ceasing production, many gamers were left surprised by the news. After all, with the company holding ownership of such a wide range of properties, it seemed like there was plenty more by way untapped potential that the series could have built upon. Now, fans are able to take a glimpse at what might have been, through the reveal of what X-Men figures could have looked like.

These designs come courtesy of character artist Hector Moran, who decided to trial exactly how X-Men would have fitted into the world of Disney Infinity. Moran designed figurines for the likes of Wolverine and Cyclops, as well as Marvel fan favorite Deadpool. Each and every one of the characters is very striking, with the X-Men figures sitting perfectly alongside the cartoon television adaptation of the comic series.

It’s not just the design that Moran took upon himself, however. The artist actually went ahead and had the Deadpool Disney Infinity figure made for real. The model does not function as other Infinity characters do, but nonetheless it makes a rather fun addition to Moran’s collection of figurines. It also gives a brief glimpse at what could have been, had the potential of Disney Infinity been truly fulfilled.

deadpool disney infinity

Instead, this is the closest that fans are going to get to the X-Men property making its way into Infinity. Characters from the mutant superhero team had long been requested for the toys-to-life range in advance of its announced closure, and both Wolverine and Deadpool made up many a gamer’s list of the most wanted Disney Infinity figures. At least Moran has been able to get his hands on one himself – even if it took a rather large amount of effort.

Of course, the chance of these figures heading into production would have been slim to say the least. The X-Men franchise has always been a tricky quagmire, with Marvel’s ownership sitting with Disney while film rights remain in the hands of Fox. This has led to more than a little friction over the years, and it’s unlikely that a middle ground could have been found in order to allow X-Men to play with the likes of Aladdin.

Nonetheless, fans always had a little hope that some kind of agreement could have been found. Now, X-Men will never make its way into Disney Infinity. Perhaps gamers can find a little solace in the fact that the property was never truly on the cards – unlike Doctor Strange, which at one time had an awesome figure in production.

Source: Hector Moran (Artstation)