Once relegated to movie tie-ins and cheaply produced products aimed at less discriminating members of the gaming public, superhero video games are now among the most popular titles produced, and are well represented during the high-stakes Fall games season. X-Men: Destiny, the first such title out of the gate this Fall, makes its retail debut this week, to be followed by Spider-Man: Edge of Time and Batman: Arkham City.

In a flurry of pre-release activity, publisher Activision and developer Silicon Knights have issued no fewer than five new trailers for X-Men: Destiny, and we’ve got them all right here in one convenient spot. Between them, the trailers offer an in-depth portrait of the game, which we first got to demo at E3 2011.

There is no better choice to start with than the X-Man: Destiny launch trailer, which provides a solid rundown of the game and features some nice work from its voice cast. Seriously, if you only watch one X-Men: Destiny trailer today, this is the one. Check it out below.


While it doesn’t re-create the stylized, retro cool of X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Destiny nonetheless features a classic look for familiar characters like Wolverine and Cyclops. The game’s narrative, of young heroes choosing to stand with either the peaceful Professor Xavier or the militant Magneto, actually follows up nicely on themes explored in the film, and may grab some fans as a result.

The team at Silicon Knights is keen to let gamers know that X-Men: Destiny “is about choice,” and to that end they’ve put together the following trailer to explain just how choice factors in to the experience. From character development to alliances, player decisions will have a huge impact on how the game unfolds. Take a look at the X-Men: DestinyChoice” trailer below:


The X-Men versus the Brotherhood. Why would players choose one side over the other? And what kind of impact will such a major decision have on the game? Take a look at the X-Men: Destiny “X-Men” trailer, in which Cyclops spells out the reasons to stand with the X-Men.


Of course, not every player wants to be a hero, and not every mutant chooses to join the X-Men. Magneto makes a strong pitch for his side, and a few classic X-Men villains make cameo appearances, in the X-Men: Destiny “Brotherhood” trailer.


The final X-Men: Destiny trailer offers a close look at X-genes, which both drive the game’s story and play into its character customization. Available in three variants — offensive, defensive, and utility — and keyed to the powers of legendary heroes and villains in the X-Men universe, X-genes power up player characters. But who is farming mutant genes, and why? Check out the X-Men: Destiny “X-genes” trailer for some clues.


Hard though it may be to believe, there are actually still more X-Men: Destiny trailers out there, covering such topics as mutant powers and character bios. With any luck, the deluge of media indicates that Activision is feeling confident about the game. Should it be a big success, perhaps Silicon Knights will finally get the chance to finish its planned Too Human sequels.

Will you be picking up a copy of X-Men: Destiny? Are you a fan of Silicon Knights’ other games?

X-Men: Destiny releases September 27, 2011, for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and DS.

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