With two superhero properties set to release later this year, Activision thought they would partner up with GameStop for some PS3 and Xbox 360 pre-order bonuses to sweeten the prospect of picking up X-Men: Destiny and Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

Each of the two bonuses don’t just provide players with an extra costume to wear during each games’ campaign, but bequeath the wearer with some added abilities.

For X-Men: Destiny, pre-order holders will be granted access to a suit inspired by the mutant Havok — recently featured in X-Men: First Class — and his abilities via the Havok X-gene. Essentially, players will be able to harness the plasma energy of Havok in order to stun enemies through energy absorption and deal out more damage over time.

And for Spider-Man: Edge of Time, the second in a series that was no stranger to pre-order costumes, comes the Identity Crisis alternate suits which take the Dusk, Prodigy, Ricochet, and Hornet identities from the comic book storyline and imbue each one with a different ability.

Those abilities, accessed by wearing the Dusk, Prodigy, Ricochet, or Hornet costume, are increases in health, increases in damage, health regeneration, and shield regeneration respectively. If Edge of Time poses as much of a challenge, especially on the harder difficulties, as Shattered Dimensions, these suits will definitely come in handy.

Check out both the Spider-Man: Edge of Time Identity Crisis suits and the X-Men: Destiny Havok costumes below:

Unfortunately, there is no announcement as to whether or not either of these pre-order bonuses will become available to non pre-order holders after the game’s release. While some titles allow access to bonus content like these suits as post-release DLC, the possibility seems a bit unlikely.

So, if you’re looking for a significant advantage in X-Men: Destiny or Spider-Man: Edge of Time, or if you’re a fan of the associated character/storyline from the respective comic-book franchises, head on over to GameStop and stake your claim.

Which of these two superhero titles are you more interested in checking out? Which of the pre-order bonuses carries the most incentive for you?

Spider-Man: Edge of Time releases October 25, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

X-Men: Destiny releases September of 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.