First Look: X-Men Destiny Screens Featuring Gambit

The first X-Men: Destiny Screenshots

Silicon Knights, the developers behind the complex, yet innovative actioner, Too Human, are hard at work for Activision to brings fans of Marvel's mighty mutants the next X-Men game with X-Men: Destiny. Outside of the X-Men: Destiny teaser trailer, we have yet to see what sort of style, graphics and gameplay Destiny will sport and what game mechanics it may draw from the third-person Too Human.

A leaked X-Men: Destiny video made its way online, containing screens for the game, and while Activision had the video removed promptly from YouTube, the images are still available. Check out one of the new characters in action, alongside the fan-favorite Ragin' Cajun, Gambit.

From what we do know about the game, players choose a new character not from the Marvel Universe and are tasked with defining their own destiny working with the Uncanny X-Men during a time of civil unrest as the anti-mutant movement gains momentum. Those looking to fully create their character from the ground up will be disappointed, as you must choose between three pre-established mutants.

X-Men: Destiny will however, let you customize your powers to a certain extent as you collect mutant genes throughout the game. Here are some of the early screens from the game (head to Gamekyo for the rest):

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Players will undoubtedly come across most, if not all of the main X-Men characters from the books, films and other media, and in the screenshots above it appears that you receive some training from Gambit, rocking his classic character costume, and will fight alongside Surge. Will the character you choose get his/her own X-Men duds?

What I wanted from another X-Men game is to be able to create my own mutant and play throughout the game co-operatively with friends, as the nature of the X-Men is to work together as a team (see X-Men Legends games). What we've seen so far from the screens and early released information of X-Men: Destiny is that it may just be a single player experience but this has yet to be confirmed.

The game is a long way away from the release, so we can expect the graphics in the screens are much improved for the Xbox 360 and PS3 releases of the game. X-Men: Destiny hits shelves this Fall but its platforms for the game have yet to be revealed - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii are likely.

Source: Gamekyo

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