First 'WWE 2K15' Trailer is Stone Cold Stunning

WWE 2K15 First Trailer


For several weeks now 2K Sports and developer Yuke's have been teasing players with closer looks at WWE 2K15 in action. They've highlighted cool pre-order bonuses, wildly detailed screenshots and even provided last-gen and current-gen release dates, but so far we've yet to see any official footage.

Today, however, things have changed, and the first gameplay trailer for WWE 2K15 has arrived. And boy is it glorious.

Showcasing a series of gorgeous ring entrances from the likes of Triple H, John Cena, and even Kane, the trailer sets a high-energy tone and doesn't let up. Fans will instantly notice how detailed this game looks compared to last year, from the way Triple H's sweat pours down his face to the individual strands of Kane's hair. Needless to say, these are the next-gen visuals fans have been clamoring for.

When the footage transitions into gameplay, WWE 2K15 looks equally as impressive ,with fluid animations and high fidelity player textures. More importantly, the footage perfectly captures each wrestler's personality, from Bray Wyatt's creepy crab walk to Daniel Bryan's "Yes" chant. It's actually a shame that the trailer doesn't show more of the game in action, because this looks extremely promising. Clearly the addition of NBA 2K developer Visual Concepts to the WWE 2K15 team has helped push the game's wrestlers over the edge.

WWE 2K15 First Trailer

It's also easy to see why the next-gen versions of the game might need a little extra time in the oven, as both the PS4 and Xbox One release have been delayed. This is the first time the series has appeared on these new platforms, and if prior sports game launches have taught us anything it's that the first title is very important. NHL and Madden, for example, made the jump to next-gen with lesser-than upgrades and were ripped apart by critics and fans.

So, while the extra wait may be hard to swallow for WWE fans, this footage proves that the time is being put to good use. It says a lot that a 2-minute trailer feels like it only barely scratches the surface.

What do you think of the first gameplay trailer for WWE 2K15? How does this compare to last year's game, visually?

WWE 2K15 releases October 28, 2014 for PS3 and Xbox 360, and November 18, 2014 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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