Rumor: WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain Remaster May Be in Development

rumor wwe smackdown here comes the pain remaster in development

When people talk about the best professional wrestling video games, they often bring up the likes of WWF No Mercy and Fire Pro Wrestling. Another wrestling game that's often part of the conversation is WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain, a PS2-era pro wrestling game that earned near-universal acclaim at the time of its release and was even awarded Best Fighting Game at the 2003 Video Game Awards ceremony. Needless to say, a Here Comes the Pain remaster would definitely excite fans of pro wrestling video games, and as it so happens, such a project is rumored to already be in the works.

This rumor stems from a tweet by Bryan Williams, Game Design Supervisor at Yuke's who works on WWE games like last year's WWE 2K19. Williams sent out a tweet that said he had a six hour meeting with his coworkers discussing plans for an unannounced project. He ended the tweet by saying, "We played a lot of SmackDown Here Comes The Pain today."

The last part of his tweet has fueled rumors and speculation that Williams is referring to a WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain remaster for modern platforms. The tweet was later discovered by YouTube channel Smacktalks, which added even more fuel to the fire. Williams has yet to clarify his tweet or temper fan expectations in his original Twitter thread.

Of course, it's possible Williams is talking about a completely unrelated game, but if so, it would be a bit odd for him to bring up SmackDown Here Comes the Pain in his tweet. Unfortunately, we likely won't learn much about whatever Williams is planning anytime soon, but we can at least rule out that he's referring to the upcoming WWE 2K20, as that game is a given that he wouldn't have to "hope becomes a reality."

As previously stated, a SmackDown Here Comes the Pain remaster would be a very exciting project for fans of professional wrestling video games. However, there would have to be some logistics to iron out first. For example, if a SmackDown Here Comes the Pain remaster did exist, then the game would have to update the roster and change up the music due to licensing issues.

Considering this, perhaps Williams' secret project isn't a SmackDown Here Comes the Pain remaster, but rather a new game entirely made in the same style. Fans will have to stay tuned to find out.

WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain is out now for PS2.

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