WWE Wrestler Asuka is Now A Gaming YouTuber

asuka uploads youtube video

Good news for fans of both professional wrestling and video games. One of the top stars at the intersection of these two fields, WWE wrestler Kanako Urai, better known as Asuka, is starting up a YouTube channel of her own.

The creation of this channel, KanaChanTV, is the fulfillment of nearly a week’s worth of hinting and teasing. Asuka first got people’s attention by revealing her new PC gaming setup on Twitter, which got many hoping that this setup would lead to her using it to make some sort of presence for herself on YouTube or Twitch.

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A few Twitter teases later, KanaChanTV is now a reality. As of this writing, there has only been one video uploaded to the channel, in which the “Empress of Tomorrow” tackles a quick series of short but chaotic levels in Super Mario Maker 2, but it should serve as a good indicator for the kind of content fans can look forward to in future videos.

Other indicators can be found in the Twitter teases that preceded the channel’s inception. These include Asuka’s followers being asked about steering wheel controllers, and them spotting games like Forza Horizon 4 and Street Fighter 5 running in photos of her gaming setup. Only time will tell, though, if games like these end up being a part of KanaChanTV’s content.

Though some may be surprised to see a professional wrestler engaging in something still considered steeped in geek culture by many, this is far from Asuka’s first stint in video games. Outside of the ring, she has managed to put together a massive collection of games and game-related items, including titles both familiar and unfamiliar.

Not only that, she has worked in gaming before, having previously written for Xbox Magazine, which earned her a Microsoft sponsorship in her wrestling career. She even used her background in graphic design to create graphics for a number of Nintendo DS games. Compared to all that, “content creator” almost seems tame, but it’s not like the fans are complaining.

Outside of KanaChanTV, the fans also have the next WWE video game, WWE 2K20, to look forward to, as Asuka is among the wrestlers confirmed to be appearing in the game, which will be out in October.

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