WWE Wrestler Asuka Visits Capcom Offices in Japan

wwe asuka capcom office tour

Capcom's Osaka office had an excited visitor in the form of WWE Wrestler Asuka, who could hardly contain herself as she toured around where some of her favorite games are made. In the video below she explores Capcom's head office and takes the audience along as she discovers some of the secrets of creating some of the company's most lasting franchises.

When this former SmackDown Women's Champion first appears on screen, she makes it immediately apparent how much it means to her to visit the developer's head office in Osaka, Japan. Granted, for most fans of any of the hit franchises to come from the company, like Mega Man or the new Monster Hunter: World, a trip here would be expected to spark some enthusiasm.

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The video starts off with Asuka completely geeking out on all of the gaming memorabilia Capcom has displayed throughout the building, as well as her naming some of her favorite games the developer has produced. When she mentions that the Monster Hunter series is her favorite, she's led to the foley studio where the foley artist displays how the unique sounds of the game world begin, from sword swings to footsteps. For anyone interested in the in-depth, behind-the-scenes commentary, Capcom has been very open about its development process for games like Monster Hunter:World for a long time, and the creative ways they use sound, large and small, to bring the game world to life is a wonder of ingenuity.

Asuka wasn't the only fan in the office though. While she was busy gushing over meeting the creators responsible for the Monster Hunter series, many of the Capcom employees were excited to meet the Japanese Wrestler. She left the office with gifts from the company and left behind a few autographs for employees as well. Clearly marking a remarkable adventure for both Asuka and the Capcom team together.

It's unclear if this visit was made specifically for the video, or to help promote Capcom or Asuka's own YouTube channel, but it is exciting to speculate what this could mean. Perhaps a future Capcom game will feature a familiar Japanese voice at some point, or perhaps this was nothing more than a chance for a fan to show how much she appreciates her favorite game company. Either way, it's obvious she had a blast and adds to the allure of checking out the company's Osaka office for anyone lucky enough to get the chance.

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