Steve Austin Gives His Bottom Line in 'WWE All Stars' Trailer

Steve Austin Talks About WWE All Stars

The recent WWE All Stars game has been met with positive reviews all across the internet (see our review), and it could very well be considered one of the better wrestling games to ever release on the market. Of course, as The Rock will tell you, it doesn't matter what you or anyone else thinks, what matters is what the superstars and legends that are featured in the game think. This is why it's so important that you listen to what Stone Cold Steve Austin (aka the world's toughest SOB) thinks about WWE All Stars.

That's right, Stone Cold Steve Austin has recorded a bit for the latest WWE All Stars promotion, and it's filled with nothing but the Texas Rattlesnake's uneatable attitude and input. Austin talks about the wrestlers that he's more than willing to open up a can of whoop-ass on, as well as all of the different features found in the game. It's certainly a video for all of the Austin fans, and anyone else who has yet to go out and buy WWE All Stars for some reason.

Check out Stone Cold Steve Austin talking about WWE All Stars below, but be warned, this video is not for the weak at heart.


Stone Cold sheds some brand new light on THQ's latest wrestling title, and even plays up his Fantasy Warfare matchup against CM Punk -- which is pretty cool. Obviously, WWE All Stars is all about making dream matches come true in an over-the-top arcade fashion, and the latest ad does quite well in immersing players in the experience even more than the initial game. Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and the fact that THQ was able to get him to represent their game is a good indication that they're taking WWE All Stars seriously.

Fans of Austin 3:16 can also look forward to watching Stone Cold stomp a mud hole in someone and walking it dry on tonight's Monday Night Raw, and that's the bottom line because Game Rant said so.

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