Earlier this year, THQ released their over-the-top WWE All Stars video game. Even though the Superstars of past and present that filled the game’s roster looked like action figures, it was an extremely entertaining game that wrestling fans and critics alike enjoyed (see our review).

WWE All Stars appeared on many systems upon launch in late March, but one that got left out was the Nintendo 3DS. THQ knows this, and today have announced plans to rectify the problem.

On November 22nd, 3DS owners will finally get a taste of 3D wrestling action when WWE All Stars hits the now-lower-priced Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS installment may be smacking-down onto store shelves nearly 8 months after the console versions of All Stars, but it will come with some exclusive modes and additional wrestlers.

The additional Superstars include all 13 of the downloadable ones currently available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, so if gamers missed out on a chance to enter the squared circle as Mark Henry or Dusty Rhodes they can now right that wrong. Along with the new/old wrestlers, the 3DS version of All Stars will also feature two brand new modes exclusive to the 3DS edition: ‘Gauntlet’ and ‘Score Scramble’.

‘Gauntlet’ will pit players against the entirety of the WWE All Stars roster, with the objective being trying to survive the onslaught of wrestlers for as long as humanly possible. ‘Score Scramble’ — on the other hand — is a little different, and the official press release describes the mode as being one where “players will be challenged to either reach a specific point total or to finish a timed match with the highest point total.”

Both the new modes and updated roster sound like a lot of fun, and WWE fans who happen to own a Nintendo 3DS will surely want to experience the insane nature of WWE All Stars in glasses-less 3D. Gamers anticipating the release of this year’s annual installment, WWE ’12, have probably noticed that the 3DS All Stars title will launch alongside it on the same day– presumably in lieu of a portable version of WWE ’12.

WWE All Stars will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS this November 22nd.

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