'WWE All Stars' Create-A-Superstar Mode Trailer & Screens

WWE All Stars Creation Mode Trailer and Screens

Whether the average North American cares to admit it or not, the golden age of wrestling is deeply embedded in the psyche of just about every male over the age of 10. Even if gamers never got the chance to see the Hulkster, Andre the Giant, or Stone Cold Steve Austin throw the smack down in person, WWE All Stars is looking to make every wrestling fan's dream come true. The latest trailer and screenshots released for the game give an in-depth look at how players will be able to fashion their own unique wrestler, in case the multi-generational roster doesn't suffice.

We've already seen WWE All Stars' Fantasy Warfare Trailer, putting some of wrestling's biggest names in the ring without being constrained by pesky things like age or era. While seeing the Ultimate Warrior take on The Rock is sure to blow the minds of many fans willing to give THQ's newest wrestling title a shot, there's no question that the imagination of wrestling enthusiasts is capable of creating even more offbeat and twisted characters than we've seen so far.

The developers of WWE All Stars are clearly aware of that fact, giving players the chance their own superstars with a custom face, custom body, over 100 clothing combinations and an endless array of accessories. Add in the chance to choose your wrestler's own move sets and finishers, and you've got the chance to take on the Hulkamaniac himself.

Take a look at the Create A Superstar mode in the newest trailer, narrated by everybody's favorite superstar, Santino:


If your mind is already spinning with potential costumes, personas, or move combinations, then the trailer has done its job. In case you're still on the fence about the title that clearly puts fun and nostalgia ahead of realism, then take a look at this latest batch of screenshots for All Stars:

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It's hard to ignore the fact that with comedically oversized musclebound wrestlers comes a fair bit of charm, and THQ is definitely taking the right route with a potentially disastrous property. Wrestling games have seen their best days pass them by, but maybe by embracing the crazier, more childish side of the spectacle, they can win back a few fans who may have moved on to more realistic fighting games like Fight Night Champion.

What do you think of the new direction the developers are taking? Do you think that wrestling games should be taken seriously, or are most at home in the arcade?

WWE All Stars will be showing its pedigree on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii when it's released on March 29.

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