WWE 2K20: The Fiend is Coming As DLC

wwe 2k20 adding the fiend

Back when WWE 2K20 was first announced, it was confirmed that the upcoming wrestling game would feature a brand new feature called WWE Originals. Now more details are available for the first WWE Originals pack, which is called Bump in the Night and features horror-themed versions of WWE superstars, as well as an appearance by Bray Wyatt's latest in-ring persona "The Fiend."

To get their hands on the Bump in the Night DLC, WWE 2K20 players can pre-order the game, pick up the Deluxe/Collector's Editions, or purchase the DLC separately for $15. The DLC includes a new 2K Showcase - separate from the Four Horsewomen showcase - that sees players take on the role of Finn Balor as he feuds with Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family. New Story Towers will also be added in the DLC, including one for The Fiend, one where Sheamus fights zombie wrestlers, another starring Nikki Cross, another still where Bray Wyatt feuds with Daniel Bryan, and finally one that sees Mandy Rose versus Nikki Cross.

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The Fiend version of Bray Wyatt is the only completely new character that will be available in the Bump in the Night pack, but other superstars will get alternate costumes as part of the DLC. Players that get the Bump in the Night pack can look forward to "Demon King" Finn Balor, "The Swampfather" Bray Wyatt, FrankenStrowman, "Wicked" Aleister Black, "Unleashed Apex Predator" Randy Orton, "Fed-Up" Sheamus, "Twisted" Nikki Cross, "Survivor" Mandy Rose, and two additional horror-themed superstar variations that have yet to be revealed.

wwe 2k20 bump in the night dlc the fiend

On top of all this, the Bump in the Night DLC also includes two new arenas - Wyatt Swamp and Cemetery Brawl, as well as horror-themed customization options. Overall, it seems as though the Bump in the Night DLC is providing significant value to WWE 2K20 players, though some may still be put off at the prospect of day one DLC.

In the future, WWE 2K20 fans can expect more WWE Originals content. Whether this content is also horror-themed remains to be seen, but more details should come to light in the coming months.

WWE 2K20 launches on October 22 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot

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