10 Hidden Details Everyone Missed In WWE 2K20

With every yearly release of a WWE 2K title, there is always a variety of things to discover and get to grips with. Fans will often keep finding new and hidden features months after its release because the games are always packed with new moves and unintentional bugs that can have both a good and bad effect on how the game plays.

WWE 2k20 continues that tradition, and we've already found quite a lot of hidden features hidden under the surface for fans to discover. Often many of these so-called hidden features are unintentional glitches - and there are a lot this year - which can actually benefit the players in some ways. Whether it’s in the creation suites or in the ring fans will be finding lots of little hidden quirks with WWE 2K20 for some time to come.

10 Five Member Stable

A brand new feature for WWE 2K20 is the ability to create a five-man stable or faction. This will allows gamers that love to put together invasions fantasy matches using custom-created versions of Chris Jericho’s new 5-man Inner Circle stable in the AEW.

In order to do this, the player needs to go into the roster select Edit Teams, click Create a Team, and then add the required team members. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be a way to add a combination of male and female members which may or may not be a bug.

9 Tommaso Ciampa’s Has Two Entrances

Last year Tommaso Ciampa was noticeable in his absence which was apparently due to financial disagreements between the superstar and the developers at 2K over the use of likeness. Thankfully, whatever those disagreements were have now been patched up as he’s officially in WWE 2K20.

An interesting aspect of his character is that he seems to switch from a villain (heel) and a good guy (face) quite often. So Visual Concepts have made sure to include both his face entrance which is listed under Tommaso Ciampa 1 and heel entrance is named under Tommaso Ciampa 2 in the Entrance Creation suite. Ciampa isn't the only wrestler with alternate entrances, Bobby Lashley, Batista, many more have heel and face entrances worth checking out.

8 Hidden Legends Entrances

It seems this year the developers at 2K have cut back on the number of WWE Legends in comparison to last year. Over 20 legends from WWE 2K19 have been removed. While this is hugely disappointing for old school wrestling fans they haven’t been completely abandoned.

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In the game’s Create An Entrance mode there is a list of preset entrances for several wrestlers that aren’t officially included. For example, the Beast from the East entrance is Bam Bam Bigelow, Break the Walls is Chris Jericho, Total Package is Lex Luger and so on. Unfortunately, the preset Legends moves list from WWE 2K19 has been completely removed and players will have to make do with the game’s horrible generic music sets instead of the official theme songs.

7 Mixed Gender Team Options

Another brand new feature of this year’s game is the ability to have Mixed Gender Tag Team matches. In addition, the game has also added the option of editing the preset Mixed Gender tag teams and tweak their entrances and finishing moves.

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To access this menu Select Roster from the main game menu and then Edit Teams then hit the Right bumper. From here all of the available Mixed Gender teams can be viewed under one category and players can edit their dual entrances as well as the team name.

6 Change The Hell In The Cell Color

WWE 2K20 features the new look red Hell In The Cell design that was seen in the recent the pay per view event this year. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an option that allows players to actively select the color of the cell as they were able to do in the Cage match.

There is, however, a workaround that allows players to select a different version of the Hell In The Cell. All one has to do is select any other arena that’s not the default Hell in the Cell one and this will revert the cell color back to black.

5 The Hands Of Fate

One of the more unique features in WWE 2K20 is the addition of the WWE Originals DLC pack. The first pack which was part of the game’s preorder incentive is the upcoming Bump in the Night pack which features supernatural characters and themes just in time for Halloween.

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One of the features than gamers should be on the lookout for is the addition of the new Payback option called The Hands of Fate which will come as part of the DLC. The new Payback move is a supernatural feature that will see greens hands grab the opponent from underneath the ring. It's a very odd-looking feature but is capable of giving the player the upper hand by holding their opponent in the middle of the ring for a few seconds.

4 Goldberg’s Alternate WWE Attire

Fans of Goldberg will be pleased that former WCW and WWE world champion Goldberg is once again a part of the roster. However, Visual Concepts have only included his original WCW attire in the black trunks as the default instead of the black and white WWE attire he wears now.

Thankfully, his alternate trunks are in the game and can be added as an alternate attire in the Creations Suite. The easiest method to get his new attire is to import Goldberg’s attire into the blank spaces, select Clothing, Lower Body, Trunks, and his black and white trunks will be ready for selection.

3 Unmask Wrestlers

Every year there has been a workaround to get certain superstars' masks removed even when that wasn’t the intended effect. To do that this year, the player needs to select a masked wrestler in the Edit Superstar option in Creations.

The player will then need to select Masks and click the right analog stick which will give them a random mask that covers the face. Then select Headgear and pick the donkey mask because it is incompatible with the mask and click Yes at the next screen. Finally, remove the headgear and the mask will disappear too. Amusingly, it may glitch and remove the bottoms too but they can be added back in.

2 Cactus Jack Alternate Attire

Mankind is one of the three faces of Foley along with Dude Love and Cactus Jack. He was completely absent in WWE 2K19 but his Mankind iteration has returned for this year’s entry. Along with his Mankind persona, Cactus is arguably Foley’s most famous character who barbed wire matches against Eddie Gilbert and violent feuds with Abdullah the Butcher and Vader.

Naturally old school fans will want to be to use this character. First, one should use the above remove mask method on Mankind. You can then set his alternate attire using the Cactus Jack tights and Vest T-Shirt which are in the game’s creation suite just be sure to save it.

1 Older Ric Flair

Just like the remove mask glitch that seems to find its way into the WWE 2K games every year the older Ric Flair glitch works too. This year’s game is no different and there’s a way to get a third look for Ric Flair.

To get the older Flair just go into Creations, select Superstar and then select Ric Flair ‘91. You will then need to select Ric Flair ‘16 Manager, Attire, Ring Attire, Attire Type amd finally select Superstar instead of Manager. From there you can edit his clothing or import his attire from one of his official models.

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