WWE 2K20 GM Mode Teased by Xavier Woods

wwe 2k20 gm mode teased by xavier woods

For hardcore WWE video game fans, one of the most-requested features to see return in the WWE 2K games is General Manager mode. The last game to have a true General Manager mode was WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008, with the feature not really seen in any game since. However, there is a chance that could change, as WWE wrestler Xavier Woods has teased as much on Twitter.

New Day member Xavier Woods responded to fans on Twitter that have been asking him about a WWE 2K20 GM Mode. "To those of you asking about GM Mode - gimmie 2/3 months and I'll be able to hopefully give you some good news," he told his followers.

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While this is far from a confirmation that WWE 2K20 will be getting a GM Mode, it could be an indication that there is still time to add the feature to the game if Woods suggests it. Xavier Woods has served as sort of a video game industry ambassador for the WWE, so if anyone can get a feature added to WWE 2K20, it's him.

Then again, WWE 2K20 is close to release, so it may be too late to add GM Mode to the game before launch. However, there is substantial post-launch support planned for WWE 2K20, including DLC wrestlers and the Originals Mode, which features horror-themed content. WWE 2K20 seems to have some of the most ambitious post-launch plans of any game in the series, and so it's not out of the question that GM Mode could be added to the game later on as DLC.

If WWE 2K20 never gets a GM Mode, then perhaps we can see it in next year's WWE 2K game. After all, the developers likely know that fans want to see the feature return, especially with Xavier Woods himself talking about it on Twitter.

While we don't know if WWE 2K20 will have a GM Mode, we do know about many of the other features that will be included in the new game. This includes the return of 2K Showcase, which will focus on the Four Horsewomen, as well as a Towers Mode that highlights the career of Roman Reigns.

WWE 2K20 launches on October 22 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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