WWE 2K18 Will Add The Hardy Boyz As DLC

WWE 2K18 Will Add The Hardy Boyz As DLC - Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy

As recently announced by 2K Sports, WWE 2K18 will have a $29.99 season pass that adds new content to the game throughout 2017 and 2018. Today 2K Sports has outlined exactly what comes with the WWE 2K18 season pass, which will consist of five DLC packs that will also be available for purchase separately.

No specific release dates have been given, but the release order of the WWE 2K18 DLC packs have been revealed. The first pack is called the Accelerator Pack, and it basically unlocks everything in the game. Following that will be the Enduring Icons Pack, which adds The Hardy Boyz, Beth Phoenix, and The Rock 'n' Roll Express as playable characters for $9.99. The third DLC pack is called the MyPlayer Kick Start Pack, which boosts MyPlayer ratings in MyCareer mode for $9.99.

For $3.99, WWE 2K18 players can purchase the New Moves Pack, which adds the Tie Breaker, Crash Landing, Pumphandle Death Valley Driver, and Swinging Sleeper Slam moves to the game. And finally, the NXT Generation Pack will let players play as relatively new NXT stars for $9.99, such as Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Elias (though he is technically part of the Raw roster at the time of this writing), Lars Sullivan, and Ruby Riot.

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What's unclear about WWE 2K18's DLC plans is if they apply to the Nintendo Switch version as well. The Nintendo Switch version of the game isn't expected to release on the same day as the other versions, and so it may very well launch with some of this DLC available instead of making fans wait for it.

Regardless of when the DLC is available for the Switch version, some fans may be annoyed about some of the wrestlers that aren't included in the game at launch. For example, The Hardy Boyz have played a major role in the WWE since they returned to the company at WrestleMania 33 this past April, and withholding them as DLC may rub some the wrong way.

Even without The Hardy Boyz at launch, WWE 2K18 still has an impressive roster, which includes the likes of The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, and more heavy hitters. These superstars should be plenty enough to tide fans over until more join the roster post-launch.

WWE 2K18 will launch on October 17th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch version is also in development for release later this year.

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